Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Futuristic Laptop 4 Women!

Hahaha ...

Mycill dan aku kemarin menemukan artikel bagus buat cewek. Hehehe... Liatin deh apa yang kita temuin pas nyari benda-benda warna pink!
Mycill and Me found a good article for girls yesterday. Hehehe ... Look what we found when we searched all of pink stuff!

Ini dia desain-desain laptop futuristik! ( From )
Here's futuristic designs laptop!
Bosan ama laptop2 item yang gayanya gitu-gitu doang? Nikita Buyanov telah merancang konsep laptop dengan inovasi dan gaya keren - untuk Intel / Hewlett Packard.
Bored of grave blacks in the name of laptops? Nikita Buyanov has designed concepts of laptops with innovation and style that floors – for Intel/Hewlett Packard.

Dalam konsep yang dikembangkan terutama dalam 3ds max (VRay) dengan beberapa koreksi photoshop, ia telah membuktikan maksudnya.
In the concepts developed mainly in 3ds max (VRay) with some photoshop corrections, she has proved her point.

HP Chameleon
The result is amazing, though still a concept. The HP Chameleon laptop concept, has an adaptive microcell coverage option. It transforms its exterior to look like its surrounding background.

HP Eco
The HP Eco model, resplendent in green, has solar charging cells, a bar-code reader for food products, and an accessory – a bangle for blood pressure control and pulse.

HP Fitness
A cool-blue fitness model for fitness freaks has a weight-checking option. It is not clear if the laptop can withstand someone’s weight. Its bangle is for sporting sessions.

HP Make-Up
The HP Make-up model in pink, can change its screen into a mirror, and the HP Mama model video-records your children’s movements. HP Perfume is meant to either convert into a lamp, or permeate fresh smells through its unique downloading ability of smell samples. For those who do not like squarish laptops, HP Nobag, with its thin screen and keyboard rolls in, to the size of a handy folded umbrella.


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