Saturday, 29 January 2011

Languages make our life to be better and meaningful >>> Bahasa Bikin Hidup Lebih Baik & Bermakna

Ini karangan yang aku ambil juga dari aplikasiku. Haha... ini bagian akhir deh kayaknya yang bisa aku masukin lagi. Hoho... aku emang parah dalam nulis. (^__^)a
I get this is one from my essay too. Haha... I think this is the last copy of the essay I can take in blog. Hoho... my bad, my writing skill is bad enough. (^__^)a

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Write a clear and detailed description of your reason why you would like to participate in this English study program; explain how IELSP fits with your previous education/training and your future objectives. This statement should not be a mere listing of facts and should include information about your background education, practical experience, special interests, and your purpose in applying to studying English in the United States. You may also choose to describe any significant influences on your personal and educational development. THIS STATEMENT IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR APPLICATION – Please use additional papers if necessary

“Languages make our life to be better and meaningful.”

That is my reason why I want to participate in IELSP. It is unfortunate, there are still many people underestimate the importance of language for their daily conversation, especially for foreign language. The cause came not only from their infrequent use, but also from the wrong methods they got. They do not know how to use the language correctly.

It reminds me about my childhood. I love English since nine years old. Why? When I bought a beautiful hand fan, my mother told me how to read the word in there. “Together”. From that time, I do not know how I can love English. The sound was really good in my ears. But my mother’s skill is not good enough, so she just explained a word or simple words to me.  The problem came when I was teenager. I was educated my elementary school in my village. There was not English lesson in that time. When I entered Junior high school in the regency, I got bad experience. I did not able to follow the lesson. Sometimes I felt good in English, other days I hated it. I hated English than other lessons. But, Mr. Budi, my new guardian teacher changed my mind. English is really good and useful in our life. I started to improve my skills in English. And I learned English from that day with my pleased.

When I entered my senior high school, I met a lot good friend with their good skill in English. I learned more and more from them and English teachers. At the 2nd grade, I was learned by Mrs. Grace. She is really good in English. She told us about her visiting to other country. And I concluded that English is really useful. English has many differences in every country. Hearing other cultures is really fun. At the 3rd grade, I learned a lot of fun in English. My teacher, Mr. Ali inspired me about courage in English studying. Be brave to explain about everything in English. You do not need afraid if you made fault. And we learned about courage in practical lesson.

When I graduated my Senior High School, there was an offer to study in Netherland sponsored by Nuffic (Netherland organization for international cooperation in higher education). I passed for the academic requirements in first step. I decided to follow the program. I though I can improve my ability in using English and learn about other culture. When I told family about my decision to get TOEFL test, I was not allowed. They said I was still young to study abroad. I was really sad. I never forget my dreams. I always visit education exhibition and try to find other chance with my beloved friends.

Now, IIEF offer one chance for me. I am glad to know that. The chance to enroll English course in United States is my opportunity. I hope I can improve my ability in using English especially for my Academic purposes. I wrote my final project entitled ““Implementing E-mall Architecture as Networked Information System for Advantaged Marketing of Kampoeng Batik Laweyan” which is written in English. The course will help me to increase my writing skill. I am bad enough in this section. Another benefit, I will have the chance to learn intimately the people in USA. I can share with other participant from other countries too. I also will learn about their cultures. It will enrich my experience and share it in Indonesia. I hope I could take this chance.
Thank You, IIEF.

Bad Attitude I think... >>> Menurutku sih, sikap sih...

Haha... ini karanganku yang lain... Cuma pendapat doang sih... Tapi inilah yang ada di pikiranku.
Haha... this is my other words... Just my little opinion. But, already in my mind.

In this box please write what you think are the most pressing issues faced by our country (Indonesia), and describe what role you would like to play in addressing those issues. Note: Please limit your response to the size of this text box. Anything over this size will not display or print on your submitted application.


I think this is the most pressing issues faced by our country. In Indonesia, most of people do not care on their attitude again. We can easily identify bad attitudes when they are displayed outwardly in words or actions, such impatience, criticalness, rebellion, defiance, uncooperative, apathy, discouragement, rudeness, arrogance, self-centeredness and such like. They lost their true identity as gracious and fair country. People lost their attitude and become politeness person. They play in unfair game and show up their arrogance. Poor people did not have their friendly. The worst, they lost their humanity. They burn other people because of stealing one of their cattle. Violence become commonly in public. Parents did not care anymore about their child attitudes. Student did not respect to the environment and society again. They just compete sly and hurt their friends. It is not only happened in middle class society, but also in government. Government official corrupt their time. And they corrupt money too. They did not care in poverty around their glamorous life. They did not think about how prosper people of the country.

Let’s start our life with good attitude. Try to begin from little things. We can start from say “Hello” to the bus workers even though we do not know them closely. We can start from say “Thank You, Dear” to children when they did their needs their self. We compete in fair to get the good marks and jobs in our class. We work on principle of serving and satisfy others.

Thanks full for Our Lord to gives us beautiful life.
Thanks for our beloved family and friends.
Thanks to other people in our life.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Deena Only >>> Cuma Deena

Haha... finally, It's complete....


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I hope I....>>> Berharap aku...

Ini adalah tulisan nggak bermutu yang aku tulis untuk melengkapi aplikasiku beberapa waktu lalu. =)
This is one of my words for a application that I entered several days ago :

What are your long term career aspirations? What skills do you need to achieve these objectives? Please use additional papers if necessary.


I want to be a good entrepreneur and wife for my long term career. Why I choose two options? No. It is one career. How possible two of them can work in the same time?

I really like entrepreneurship because you will find yourself to be a creative person. As we all know, when Indonesia faced monetary crisis, the medium businesses were the one who can survive. A lot of them are entrepreneurs. I think it is really reasonable to improve Indonesian entrepreneurs. And I want to be one of them. Being an entrepreneur is good choice for supporting my status as a wife. Why? I want to be a wife and entrepreneur in the same time. I want to help people especially woman to works without forget their responsibility to take care their children. I want to learn how to get good communication within my partners and my families. I love my family time. I can do my hobbies and interesting such as taking care in my children, setting home, painting, gardening and I have a lot tea time. I really love entrepreneur too. I will have to organize my time, talk with many people characteristics, visiting them, sharing our experiences and traveling from my business development.

 I need to improve my skills in achieving my career. I start from learn everything about entrepreneurship since I entered college. I have been joining many entrepreneurship programs and events to rise up my experience and face other young entrepreneurs. To be an entrepreneur, I need extra hard work before I get the benefits. I already run a business right now. With my friends, we hold “OmahGodhong” house. We offer green products to our consumers. We market our products in piece and wholesale orders. To expand this business with other medium business, I need to learn more.

I want to expand my business with other medium business too. It starts from their weaknesses. One of weakness of medium businesses is in their marketing. Almost of them did know how to get good communication and use information technology tools. Based on my experience in training medium businesses at Kampoeng Batik Laweyan in Surakarta one year ago, I think they have good interest to increase their skill in using e-commerce on Joomla application. This shows us that medium businesses have high potential to be developed but they did not have skills actually. And it is important to give them how to increase their marketing skills in IT age.

For that reasons, I would like to learn more about my major in master degree. My recently major is Computerize Accounting. I learn about English for business, manual accounting, computerize accounting, management, multimedia technology, web designs, e-commerce, programming, system networking and many others. This major helps me build multi-faceted skills, both personally and professionally, thus giving me the ability to handle my careers and work challenges with greater confidence.   I decide to take my master degree in internet computing systems or computing.  From this way I will have a lot of experience for helping my business and other medium businesses in world marketing.

To be a good entrepreneur, I should have enough ability in communication too. One of important things in communication is language and culture. I want to learn various cultural programs and improve my English. I like traveling. I hope I could study abroad. I am interesting to learn other country cultures. They are beautiful and awesome. I feel that learning something new is very interesting.

So, from today I will prepare strategies for everything I need to achieve my career.


Monday, 24 January 2011

Ur Blog tell Us about? >>> Blogmu blog apaan sih?

Jazz up you Life! (^u^)//  
Pernah nggak sih kalian ditanyain : Blogmu aslinya tuh blog apan?
Hahaha... blog tulisan, gambar dan video!
Itu sih isinya ya... (^^)a
Yah... memang pada umumnya blog digunakan buat banyak fungsi sih. Ada juga sih yang nggolongin jadi beberapa seperti Blog Politik (PoliticalBlogs), Blog Personal (PersonalBlogs), Blog Bisnis (BussinessBlogs), Blog Topik (TopicalBlogs), Blog Kesehatan (HealthBlogs), Blog Kesusasteraan (litblog), Blog Perjalanan (TravelBlogs), Blog Penelitian (ResearchBlogs), Blog Hukum (LegalBlogs), Blog Pendidikan (EducationalBlogs). Coba lihat penjelasan di
Nah, yang aku omongin di awal itu maksudnya blog personal. Blog personal sendiri menurutku banyak variasinya juga sih. Misal ada yang bahas hobi mancingnya,  ada yang isinya puisi semua, ada yang kayak diary, ada yang isinya nasihat, ada yang berita terkini, bahkan ada yang isinya akhirnya buat jualan. Oke aja sih menurutku. Nggak harus jadi salah satu dari tipe blog di atas. Blog personal digabung sama fungsi lain juga gak apa-apa kok. Oke-oke aja.
Kalo ditanya punyaku?
Oke... aku bakal nerangin apa alasanku. (Nggak penting banget ya?)

URL --> 
1. smiling chen --> seneng aja Chen namaku, smiling kegiatanku
2. --> karena pake blogspot, ya wajarlah... sebenarnya bisa di konversi ke sih. Tapi aku suka blogger. Thanks Blogger =)
Judul --> Chen's World : Little Brain, Little Think, Little Inspiration
Haha... karena aku pengin nulis semua tentang duniaku. Yah... aku ambil itu akhirnya. Sempat ganti-ganti juga sih dulu. Kayak "Dandelion Tertiup Angin Kemarau" sama "T-anK". Ah, tapi akhirnya aku mutusin ini yang aku pake. Kenapa smua pake kata "Little"? Yah... karena aku emang hanya satu dari banyak pemikiran. Pemikiran datang dari otaku yang kecil. Tapi aku punya harapan bisa jadi inspirator kecil buat orang lain. Haha... gak penting ya?
Yah... kalo dari isi sih banyak. Ada cerita harian, kegiatan, hobi dan hal-hal yang bikin aku tertarik. Intinya bisa diliat di kategorinya lah. Dan bagus apa engga, penting apa enggak, bisa diliat dari dari isinya kok. Hoho... meski banyak yang nggak penting juga sih... =P
Yang terpenting adalah "berbagi"  bukan di blog kita?


Boy's Friendship >>> Persahabatan ala Cowok

Penting nggak penting persahabatan? Penting lah...
Tersenyum keinget si kecil, Yaya alias Kenthos pas main sama anak tetangga si Rasya. Ceritanya mereka lagi main. Aku yang momong cuma liatin aja. Heran, dua bocah 4 tahun itu lengket-ket-ket kaya adik sama mas aja. Yah... padahal kalo diliat-liat, sifat mereka beda banget. Si Kenthos itu kagak bisa diem sama sekali. Pernah aku tanya pas mau mandiin dia.
"Dik, mulutnya mbok sekali-kali diem. Gak cape ngomong terus?"
Tau jawabannya?
"Aku kan nggak bisa berhenti ngomong, Mbak Nana... Gak bisa diem..."
Jiahhh... bener-bener deh! YangTi (Eyang Putri)ku aja mpek ngekek-ngekek ngedengerinnya.
Dia sukanya ngomong. Dan emang pinter ngomong diikuti ekspresi luar biasa pas sama omongannya. Dia sangat berani untuk ukuran anak 4 tahun, tapi cengeng banget juga. Keahliannya ngutak-atik komputer dan alat-alat elektronik. Heran, pernah dia ngubrak-abrik video player kuno milik Kakungku yang kagak pernah bisa diputer lagi. Orang serumah cuma melongo ria pas dia berhasil bikin tuh benda bunyi lagi.
Sementara si Rasya? Dia itu luar biasa pendiem. Manut semanut-manutnya pas dijadiin anak buah sama si Kenthos. Apa aja yang dibilang keponakan kecil cerewetku itu dipatuhin. Ceileee... aku hanya melongo heran nontonnya.
Pernah keduanya saling musuhan--yaaah... musuhan anak kecil ya kayak gitu deh. Bener-bener sampai musuhan dan si Kenthos bikin itu si Rasya nangis-nangis.
Pertengkaran diakhiri dengan ucapan si Kenthos, "Nakal. Engga boleh maen ke rumahku."--aku nggak tau napa nih bocah kalo marah semua orang di larang ke rumahnya.
Sementara si Rasya pulang sambil ditarik-tarik mbahnya, "Mas Yaya nakal..."
Sore itupun ditutup adegan konyol atas pertengkaran dua bocah itu.
Yah... kadang aku miris nonton pilm atawa cuma baca resumenya yang intinya : pertengkaran dua cowok ngerebutin cewek. Saling menjegal dan menjatuhkan. Bahkan ampe mutus persahabatan atawa paling parah saling bunuh-membunuh. Emang sih dari dulu zaman Nabi Adam udah ada yang kayak gitu. Tapi bisa nggak sih bertempur secara lebih damai? Pasti bisa.
Haha... karena pada kasus kedua bocah itu, besoknya...
Kenthos keluar bawa mainan kesayangannya.
Aku tanya, "Mau kemana Dik?"
"Maen ke tempat Dik Rasya."
Begitu kulirik beberapa saat kemudian dia udah ada di rumah sebelah sambil ngomong keras-keras di depan pintu, "Dik Rasyaaa.... Mau main ke rumahku enggak?"
Dan si kecil sebelah langsung melongo lewat jendela, "Mas Yaya... Mau!"
Haha... konyol...
Jadi keinget penggalan cerita yang tak baca tentang persahabatan dua cowok SMA... 
Dhika hanya tersenyum saat Ditya menatap penuh kebencian padanya.
"Loe... Pengecut loe! Gue enggak terima loe yang kalah!"
Dhika memeluk cowok berkacamata itu erat, "Gue seneng loe yang menang."
Dhitya membenci cowok itu seumur hidupnya. Cowok itu sempurna. Hidup Ditya yang tak pernah kalah dalam apapun tapi begitu Dhika datang... hilang semua. Ditya ambisius. Dia tahu dan dia menikmati keambisiusannya itu. Tapi kini dia terdiam saat setelah semua hal dia dikalahkan dan begitu terosesi untuk menang. Kini Dhika membuatnya tak menginginkan kemenangan itu lagi.
"Gue gak bakal kalah lain kali." ucap Ditya yakin.
Dhika tertawa di sebelah telinganya, "Boleh."
Yah.... Persahabatan artinya mungkin bersyukur atas teman yang telah kita dapatkan. Seburuk apapun itu, pasti ada banyak hal baik lainnya...


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Edit or Edit? >>> Edit apa Edit?

OmahGodhong Company

Ini adalah acara jalan-jalan para manajer OmahGodhong beberapa saat yang lalu...
This is vacation photos of OmahGodhong's manager last time ago...

General Manager, Chen
Producing Manager, Aam

Marketing Manager, Chieko

Finance Manager, Mith

Haha... Foto-foto di atas emang foto pas liburan kemarin. Tapi bener, udah pada kena edit semua. =P
Haha... All of that was really vacation photos. But it's right too to say all of this was edited. =P

Hoho... Aku edit buat mata kuliah Web Desain. Ceritanya kan ada STO gitu. Ya udah, aku edit aja foto-foto pas di Bali--kecuali fotoku, aku gak ikut sampai Bali.
Hoho... I did that for accomplish Web Design lecture. I should made organization structure of my business web. So, I decide to edit vacation photos in Bali--Except me of course, I can't get the vacation because I was not healthy.
Parah banget ya editnya? Yang fotoku sendiri itu editan waktu dulu banget pas masuk kuliah pake CorelDraw, yang lainnya aku pake PhotoImpact. Biasa, males instal Coreldraw ma Photoshop, memory si Chen udah nipis. Kalo pake PhotoImpact udah bisa wakilin dua software itu. Yah... lumayanlah hasilnya. Terakhir, foto-foto diatas aku pake buat Offline project yang dimasak pake Macromedia Director ma SwishMax. Sementara Online project pake DreamWeaver.
It's bad, isn't it? My photo was edited when I entered college. I used CorelDraw. Other photos I made them by using PhotoImpact. I am lazy enough to install CorelDraw and PhotoShop in the same time, my laptop memory was almost full. Using PhotoImpact, I can edit them as good as using both software. Yeah... I think the results were beautiful enough. Finally, I used them to finish my projects. Offline project using Macromedia Director and SwishMax. And Online project using DreamWeaver.


Saturday, 22 January 2011

1 Week in Korea ? >>> Seminggu di Korea? Ngapain?

Haha... ini adalah ringkasan kekonyolan gak penting pas aku ngobrol ma temen-temenku, si Shary Shinpo, Ella Mycill ma Ema PrimHae...
Di kelasku, mereka bertiga terkenal sebagai ELFs penyebar virus Korea--dan yang pada akhirnya aku juga dikira menjadi salah satunya. Huhu...gara-gara tau SuJu atawa Super Junior pas SMA dan mudeng dikit-dikit, aku dianggap sekutu juga. Padahal taunya juga gara-gara temenku SMA si Kaito yang naksir Kibum oppa sering cerita ama Tutut yang bawa-bawa majalah Korea tiap hari. Ditambah jadi wakil kelas buat temu pelajar Korea pas kelas XII. Jiaaah... Ketidakberuntunganku adalah aku bisa ingat ampir 90% info yang kagak kudengerin dengan serius. Menyedihkan... (TT__TT)
Kira-kira kayak gini jadinya percakapan kita bertiga tanpa Shary pas mau pulang di parkiran kampus semester lalu--kalo aku kagak salah ingat urutan yang ngomong dan kata-katanya:
Aku  : Jiah... enak kali ya jalan-jalan bar semesteran.
Ella    : Ho'o Chen... Die kan bar ke Turkey. Kalo kita? Paling enak ya ke Korea...
Aku  : Korea? Itu sih penginmu La...
Ema   : Iya Yun. Korea.
Aku  : Halah... kalian pasti punya motif tidak jelas. (Aku nyengir)
Dan kuliat senyum mencurigakan mereka.
Aku  : Ngapain seminggu di Korea?
Ella    : Jadi pengemis!
Aku & Ema melongo : "Pengemis?????"
Udah gila nih bocah...
Ella : Kalian engga tau tho... ada pengemis di Korea yang miskin dipungut sama pencari bakat dan langsung jadi bintang tenar. Haha... aku ntar juga kayak gitu Chen...
Aku tambah melongo.
Ella Mycill and JGS

Ema : Halah... paling dia jadi TKW Yun...
Aku : Iyooo... mosok seminggu langsung jadi artis.
Ella : Enggak yo Prim... aku tar terkenal, trus ketemu Jang Geum Sok...
Aku & Ema berpandangan : Kyu Hyun mau dikemanain...
Ema : Mending aku, seminggu langsung tak abisin buat mbuntutin si DongHae kemana-mana. Gak usah jadi artis segala...
PrimHae and Donghae after the concert
Ella : Prim... Prim... Cita-citamu aslinya jadi apa toh?
Ema : Daripada jadi artis. Jadi istrinya Dong Hae.
Ella : Aku sih pengin masuk surga Prim.
Aku : Alhamdulillah... kamu masih lumayan waras ya La...
Ema : Weeh... beda La ma cita-citaku.
Aku ma Ella melongo, emang ada cita-cita yang lebih waras dari itu?
Ema : Aku pengin masuk surga sama DongHae...
Woooh... cewek nggak jelas.
Ella : Kalo si Sharytem disini pasti dia milih ke tempate Choi Si Won.
Kami mengangguk setuju.
Aku : Mendatangi orang itu dan menuntaskan status mereka.
Hahaha... kita langsung ngakak.
Aku : Neg si Miftah musti bakal melakukan obsesi parahnya.
Ella & Ema : Obsesi apaan Yun?
Aku : Nyanyi "Sorry-Sorry" dengan lirik Indianya...
Kita ngekek lagi. Bayangin betapa parah obsesi itu.
Ella : Kalo kamu apa Chen?
Dengan bangga kujawab : Menakhlukan Tembok Besar Korea!!!
Ema : Yee... Adanya sih Tembok Besar China, Yun!
Ella : He-e ogh, Chen..Chen... Kamu paling pengin ketemu Henry sampai-sampai Korea punya Tembok Besar!
Aku nyengir lagi : Biarin. Napa La, kamu sekarang naksir adikku?
Ella : Aku setia ma JGS ogh Chen...
Ema ma aku : Kyu Hyun dikemanain...


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Second Trip to Solo >>> Solo Bagian Kedua

Front view of Pusat Grosir Solo (PGS)
Inside view of PGS

Solo Square mall

Pasar Klewer Market

Palace Theatre
On the way to the palace

Front of Palace
Guest room

Party hall for guest

Ana and Me

Turkey Statues

Shinpo and Java wedding ceremony


Fresh Garden


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

First Flight >>> Terbang pertamaku

I love sky... (^__^)// I love everywhere....
at Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang
Eda and Me

at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta
What are u doing, Miss?

at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar
So good...
Eda : Wanna go to the toilet?
The Lost Child

VIP room? For what?

Great one!

at Sam Ratulangi, Manado

Hmm... executive class? hm.... Boring...

Our archipelago...