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Languages make our life to be better and meaningful >>> Bahasa Bikin Hidup Lebih Baik & Bermakna

Ini karangan yang aku ambil juga dari aplikasiku. Haha... ini bagian akhir deh kayaknya yang bisa aku masukin lagi. Hoho... aku emang parah dalam nulis. (^__^)a
I get this is one from my essay too. Haha... I think this is the last copy of the essay I can take in blog. Hoho... my bad, my writing skill is bad enough. (^__^)a

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Write a clear and detailed description of your reason why you would like to participate in this English study program; explain how IELSP fits with your previous education/training and your future objectives. This statement should not be a mere listing of facts and should include information about your background education, practical experience, special interests, and your purpose in applying to studying English in the United States. You may also choose to describe any significant influences on your personal and educational development. THIS STATEMENT IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR APPLICATION – Please use additional papers if necessary

“Languages make our life to be better and meaningful.”

That is my reason why I want to participate in IELSP. It is unfortunate, there are still many people underestimate the importance of language for their daily conversation, especially for foreign language. The cause came not only from their infrequent use, but also from the wrong methods they got. They do not know how to use the language correctly.

It reminds me about my childhood. I love English since nine years old. Why? When I bought a beautiful hand fan, my mother told me how to read the word in there. “Together”. From that time, I do not know how I can love English. The sound was really good in my ears. But my mother’s skill is not good enough, so she just explained a word or simple words to me.  The problem came when I was teenager. I was educated my elementary school in my village. There was not English lesson in that time. When I entered Junior high school in the regency, I got bad experience. I did not able to follow the lesson. Sometimes I felt good in English, other days I hated it. I hated English than other lessons. But, Mr. Budi, my new guardian teacher changed my mind. English is really good and useful in our life. I started to improve my skills in English. And I learned English from that day with my pleased.

When I entered my senior high school, I met a lot good friend with their good skill in English. I learned more and more from them and English teachers. At the 2nd grade, I was learned by Mrs. Grace. She is really good in English. She told us about her visiting to other country. And I concluded that English is really useful. English has many differences in every country. Hearing other cultures is really fun. At the 3rd grade, I learned a lot of fun in English. My teacher, Mr. Ali inspired me about courage in English studying. Be brave to explain about everything in English. You do not need afraid if you made fault. And we learned about courage in practical lesson.

When I graduated my Senior High School, there was an offer to study in Netherland sponsored by Nuffic (Netherland organization for international cooperation in higher education). I passed for the academic requirements in first step. I decided to follow the program. I though I can improve my ability in using English and learn about other culture. When I told family about my decision to get TOEFL test, I was not allowed. They said I was still young to study abroad. I was really sad. I never forget my dreams. I always visit education exhibition and try to find other chance with my beloved friends.

Now, IIEF offer one chance for me. I am glad to know that. The chance to enroll English course in United States is my opportunity. I hope I can improve my ability in using English especially for my Academic purposes. I wrote my final project entitled ““Implementing E-mall Architecture as Networked Information System for Advantaged Marketing of Kampoeng Batik Laweyan” which is written in English. The course will help me to increase my writing skill. I am bad enough in this section. Another benefit, I will have the chance to learn intimately the people in USA. I can share with other participant from other countries too. I also will learn about their cultures. It will enrich my experience and share it in Indonesia. I hope I could take this chance.
Thank You, IIEF.

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