Saturday, 29 January 2011

Bad Attitude I think... >>> Menurutku sih, sikap sih...

Haha... ini karanganku yang lain... Cuma pendapat doang sih... Tapi inilah yang ada di pikiranku.
Haha... this is my other words... Just my little opinion. But, already in my mind.

In this box please write what you think are the most pressing issues faced by our country (Indonesia), and describe what role you would like to play in addressing those issues. Note: Please limit your response to the size of this text box. Anything over this size will not display or print on your submitted application.


I think this is the most pressing issues faced by our country. In Indonesia, most of people do not care on their attitude again. We can easily identify bad attitudes when they are displayed outwardly in words or actions, such impatience, criticalness, rebellion, defiance, uncooperative, apathy, discouragement, rudeness, arrogance, self-centeredness and such like. They lost their true identity as gracious and fair country. People lost their attitude and become politeness person. They play in unfair game and show up their arrogance. Poor people did not have their friendly. The worst, they lost their humanity. They burn other people because of stealing one of their cattle. Violence become commonly in public. Parents did not care anymore about their child attitudes. Student did not respect to the environment and society again. They just compete sly and hurt their friends. It is not only happened in middle class society, but also in government. Government official corrupt their time. And they corrupt money too. They did not care in poverty around their glamorous life. They did not think about how prosper people of the country.

Let’s start our life with good attitude. Try to begin from little things. We can start from say “Hello” to the bus workers even though we do not know them closely. We can start from say “Thank You, Dear” to children when they did their needs their self. We compete in fair to get the good marks and jobs in our class. We work on principle of serving and satisfy others.

Thanks full for Our Lord to gives us beautiful life.
Thanks for our beloved family and friends.
Thanks to other people in our life.

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