Sunday, 16 January 2011

My Families... >>> Keluargaku,,, (^__^)

Ini karangan indahku pas ngisi formulir IELSP dari IIEF. Hahaha... bahasanya semrawut bener. 
This is my paper for complete IELSP application from IIEF. Hahaha.... bad essay...

I have two important families in my life. ^__^
Why I can conclude that?
My first family is my true family. There are my Great-grandma, Grandma, Dad, Mom and my little sister. My great grandma was a beautiful woman. Her smile was really good. But, she was passed away when I was in 5th grade in elementary school. It makes me sad deeply. My grandma is really a patient grandma I have. Because of that, I always make joking with her. And of course she got angry sometimes. Hoho… but I know she is never serious with her anger. My father is a funny man after all. He acts a lot of funny thing at me. He is also good in drawing and other art. I think I like art because of him. My mother is a great woman I have been meet. She is good in cooking. Everything she made will be delicious one. Unfortunately, I can’t cook as well as her. And get big problem in cooking. Haha… she said that I am really the “second father”. My little sister is a simple girl. We disputed each other when we were together. But, we love each other. At our little home in Sragen regency, we shared everything. And I was really a spoiled girl in my home.  I lived with them until passed my junior high school. When I graduated, there was an offer to continue my study in acceleration class at SMAN 4 Surakarta. But my mother did not allow me. Hmmm… although she knew that I really want to live in boarding house and wandering about other city. So she made a decision. I can get my “new adventure” in my grandma’s sister in Semarang. Hmmm… and I agree with that .=)

My second family is really different with my first family. There are my Grandpa that I called “Kakung”, grandma that I called “YangTi” (from the Javanese words “Eyang Putri”) and my three aunt. My grandpa is a calm man. He did everything in silence and never told to make me to do diligent things he did. But from his daily, I know he is a good grandpa I should follow. My YangTi has hypertension. She always gets angry if I can not finish my task. But, she is a great woman I have met. Every morning she made a lunch and a glass of milk for me, a senior high school! She always trains me how to be a good chief in my new house. And do you know? When something bad happened, she cried for me. I love her very much. My aunts are nice women. They always help me to solve my problems, in senior high school and college. I live with them until today. I can not be a spoiled again. . In this new family I start to adaptive and become a strong girl. From entering my senior high school I try to be a good time-organizer. I start to life harder and life with great disciplines. My new family supports me to enter a lot of art contest, programming contest using Pascal, best student contest in the city and biology contest in my city. Life is not simple. Sometimes we lose the game. And I got a lot of failed game in contests. My families told me, “It’s Ok to be failed right now. But, make sure, there was a good one you got, ‘a process to be a winner’”. Hmm…Without their supported, I think I can get a lot of new experiences. =)

 I hope sometimes I could do a great one for my families. For two of them, I want to make them to be proud of me. I prayed, You care in them, My Lord….

I love you all… my big families.

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